Respondent at Humanistic Technology Symposium

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April 2019 –  I was a respondent at the Humanistic Perspectives at Technological Universities Symposium in Atlanta, GA. The symposium sought to bring together thought leaders from across the nation to create an inventory of the opportunities and challenges for humanities scholarship and education at institutions of higher learning primarily focused on science and technology research and education. Distinguished speakers included Lucinda Roy, Rosalind Williams, Alexandrina Agloro, and Michael Nitsche to name a few. I was a respondent for Nitsche who spoke on the  opportunities to be had from an inter-disciplinary research field around craft that brings together the humanities, science and technology. In addition to supporting the opportunities for such research, some main points I focused on in my response included: (1) the situatedness of craft practices; (2) repatriation of these knowledges; and (3) access by minority communities.

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