Students’ Research posters result from Computational Making Course

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April 2019 – I advised three students in the development of research posters coming out of my Computational Making course that focused on wire-bending and lightweight construction. The posters were exhibited in the Hinman Building at Georgia Tech.

The first poster (below) was by graduate student Niloofar Nikookar, and was entitled, “Wire-Bending Techniques in Lightweight Structures: Manufacture and Analysis.” Nikookar focused on the manufacture and testing of wire-bending connections, behaviors, requirements, and their application in the design and fabrication of Lightweight Structures.

The second poster (below) by 3rd and 4th year architecture students Phuong ‘Karen’ Tran and Jamieson Pye respectively, was entitled, “Computational Crafting of Materials for Lightweight Structures.” They focused on studies exploring various materials, and low-tech techniques coming out of carnival, craft, and computation to transform these materials for applications in lightweight architecture.

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