Paper on Craft as inquiry into design computation at eCAADe 2016, Finland

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August 2016 – I presented my paper “Crafting as Inquiry into Computation: Exploring wire-bending in traditional practice and design education” at the eCAADe 2016 Conference in Oulu, Finland. The theme of the conference was Complexity & Simplicity.

Cite this paper: Noel, Vernelle A. A. 2016. “Crafting as Inquiry into Computation – Exploring Wire-Bending in Traditional Practice and Design Education.” Herneoja, Aulikki; Toni Österlund and Piia Markkanen (Eds.), Complexity & Simplicity – Proceedings of the 34th ECAADe Conference – Volume 1, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland, 22-26 August 2016, Pp. 311-320. 2016.

Abstract: In an effort to sustain and revitalize the dying craft of wire-bending, I present the development of three novel approaches: Digital Crafting, Computational Crafting, and Crafting Fabrication. Computation and digital technology were integrated with traditional wire-bending principles to design and fabricate artifacts. In this work, I present three artifacts resulting from these novel approaches, and analyze how these methods may be used in design education and practice. Our findings benefit the practice because it offers opportunities for teaching computational and traditional skills to older and younger generations through wire-bending.

For a copy of the article please click here.

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