Mozilla Project Launch:

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On Sept. 10th, we launched our Mozilla Foundation-funded project titled, “Black Arts + Culture: Generative Traditions with AI and Design in Carnival.”

“In this project, we use the Trinidad Carnival as a vehicle and site for exploration and education in artificial intelligence (AI), art, and design. By combining AI, architecture, heritage, and art, we rethink and engage with Carnival and our diaspora in new creative ways.”







The project includes five experiences:

  • The Virtual Gallery Exhibition, where visitors can explore a digital art gallery featuring static and moving images of AI-generated dancing sculptures also known as Kings and Queens of Carnival. .
  • The Virtual J’ouvert experience captures the thrill of the first night of Carnival with AI-generated representations of Blue-Devils, Jabmolassies, and Jab Jabs.
  • The Virtual Mas space allows visitors to “play mas” and enjoy soca music in four virtual “outdoor” sites, and watch different videos on carnival
  • The Virtual Social Space where persons can meet and chat surrounded by AI images.
  • The Carnival Dance + Art App allows Black and Caribbean communities to create visual art with movement and dance.


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