2021 Graham Foundation Grantee

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On the 26th of May 2021, it was announced that my project, “Design and Making in the Trinidad Carnival: Histories, Re-imaginations, and Speculations of Computational Design Futures” was one of the projects funded by The Graham Foundation.

About the Project:

“The Trinidad Carnival is a cultural design practice through which people express their creativity, aesthetic sensibilities, and craftsmanship around the world. […] The Design and Making in the Trinidad Carnival exhibit showcases archival photos of artifacts in the carnival and traces the craft’s evolution to reveal its tectonic innovations. The exhibition will present new imaginations for design, interaction, and fabrication of architecture that include non-digital computational tools, novel software, computer-controlled machines, robots, and computer interactions. It will showcase an evolution of design—from past to future—and argues that computation and computing can remediate and reconfigure dying crafts for new design pedagogy, practices, and architecture.”

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