Lecture at Dalhousie University

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On Wednesday, February 24th at 6pm EST/ 7pm AST, Dr. Noel will give a talk at the inaugural Robert H. Winters lecture series “Resistance as Practice: Acts of Anti-Racism through Architecture and Planning.” The event is hosted by the Dalhousie University Faculty of Architecture and Planning’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, in partnership with the SHIFT: Connect conference.

“The series will extend into March of 2021, and feature architects, planners, scholars, and activists whose work focuses on anti-racism on scales local to Halifax, in other Canadian contexts, and internationally. We will end with a panel on institutional barriers to anti-racist work featuring Frank Palermo, Jennifer Llewelyn, and Ingrid Waldron.

We are organizing this series at a critical moment for architects, planners, and other disciplines grappling with difficult histories and professional cultures. This means questioning how designed spaces are embedded with power structures that stratify our society, and how practitioners are implicated in this. Just as importantly, we must acknowledge that this is not a new conversation or area of analysis: racialized communities have developed their own planning and design practices in cities when they have not been heard by the faces of power. This lecture series builds on the ongoing powerful response to racialized violence by presenting the work of practitioners, academics and activists who have pursued these acts of anti-racism as a central focus of their work.”

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