Keynote at ACADIA 2020 – Culture & Access

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On October 28th, I gave a Keynote at ACADIA 2020 Distributed Proximities Conference in a session titled: A Conversation on Culture & Access with Kate Hartman and Laura Devendorf.

Session prompt – “Computational design and data impact nearly every aspect of contemporary life and architecture and design practices. Ranging in accessibility from user-friendly social media to highly skilled programming, these technologies are informed by the exchange between a technology’s end-user and its author(s). In this context, what is a computational public? Who is the audience for computation design? How might computational design practices resonate beyond the academy or rarefied audiences? How can computational designers facilitate access to their work and its impact on the built environment? This keynote event brings together designers and scholars whose work deals critically with questions of computation, craft, and public engagement.”

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