Senior Interdisciplinary Research Studio: Architecture + Digital Media

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In Spring 2020, I designed and taught a senior interdisciplinary studio around my research into computation, digital media, and making at Georgia Tech. This interdisciplinary research studio titled, “Lightweight Textile Pavilion: Shaping stories and experience through architecture and digital media” took a materials-based design approach to architecture with projects developed by collaborative teams of architects and digital media designers. Students designed lightweight textile pavilions housing interactive displays on the site of The National Memorial for Peace and Justice (Lynching Memorial) in Montgomery, Alabama. These pavilions were required to serve as extensions of the memorial, our sensory experiences, and an understanding of these events through architecture and augmented reality. Pavilions were to be transportable – educating different publics on America’s past, present, and the future. One project was even featured on the Study Architecture Blog.
1. Studio Projects and Boards >>>

Project #1: Transcendence by Phuong ‘Karen’ Tran, Tia Calhoun, Montana Ray, and Morgan Lee

Project #2: Reconciliation by Monica Rizk, Dominique Dawson, and Victoria Olaogun

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