Presentation at Art&&Code

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On Sat. 16th Jan. at 5:30 pm, I will be presenting my work at Carnegie Mellon’s Art&&Code symposium. See below for more information.

This January 14–16, 2021, the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry presents Art && Code: Homemade — a free online festival featuring casual talks by creators we admire, who work with digital tools and crafty approaches to make things that preserve the magic of something homemade.

As the COVID pandemic continues and new lockdowns seem likely, we position the fifth edition of our flagship symposium as a focused opportunity to remain vitally creative and connected during isolated, indoor times. Art && Code: Homemade features a wide range of practitioners who are exploring poignant and personal new approaches to combining everyday materials, craft languages, and cutting-edge computational techniques. In this festival, we present an extended conversation between creators working with digital tools and crafty materials to make things that don’t scale. Homemade is resourceful, personal, and community-driven; it’s accessible and grassroots. Homemade means made with care.

Art && Code: Homemade is fully remote with talks and gatherings between our homes and yours. More than two dozen presentations will be live-streamed online, with accompanying text-spaces and lunchtime social events.

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